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Access and Accommodations
Fall 2022 Updates

As a reminder, Faculty are required by law to implement the accommodations listed on a student’s Letter of Accommodation. Please reach out to the Center for Access and Accommodations if you need support in doing so or would like to propose an alternative method for meeting the student’s needs.

  1. Students are provided with an electronic Letter of Accommodation and they are instructed to forward that letter/email to their instructor at the start of term. Letters of Accommodation state the term for which they are applicable near the top, but as always, the Center will be available for consult about or verification of accommodations.

  2. If a student attempts to inform you of their accommodations in a different way, or casually mentions having a disability or needing an accommodation - please ask them to forward you their Letter of Accommodation. If a student doesn’t have one, refer them back to the Center for Access and Accommodations immediately.

  3. Students can request accommodations and submit their documentation by going to and clicking on the green box labeled: “complete form to request accommodations.”


It is very important that any time a student mentions that they need you to adjust something because of an illness, injury, medical condition (including COVID-19), or disability that they be referred to The Center for Access and Accommodations as soon as possible.


Please do NOT ask for or accept medical documentation from a student. In reference to COVID-19, do NOT ask for vaccination status or a vaccine card from a student.


The Center for Access and Accommodations should be the ONLY entity on campus that accepts private health information for the purpose of accommodating a student in a course. Denying or determining an adjustment or modification without referring the student to our office is a violation of federal law.


Please visit our Team Site on the portal for additional resources.

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