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Behavioral Intervention Team Scenario 
September 2022

College students face a variety of challenges, including grade-related frustrations where they might not see eye-to-eye with their instructor on the grade earned for a particular assignment. Consider the scenario below.:


One day after class, a student approaches you. His face is red and his hands are balled into fists at his side. He approaches uncomfortably close and says “I got my final grade. You gave me the wrong f***ing grade! I worked hard and I deserve at least a B. You’d better change it. I know where you parked your car. I will be there after your last class.

What are some options available to you when encountering a situation like this one?

  • Acknowledge their frustrations and encourage the student to make an appointment to meet with you at another time

  • Submit a BIT referral

  • Call campus police if the situation continues to escalate

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