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Where can I locate a list of important academic calendar dates?

Academic calendars can be found by visiting InsideCOD and scrolling down on the left-hand side of the page.


How do I unlock my classroom door?

The majority of on-campus classrooms can be accessed using your College of DuPage ID card. Simply swipe your ID on the card reader located outside the classroom door. Other rooms may require a traditional key.


How do I obtain a College of DuPage ID card, parking pass or classroom key?


Important-Please Read!:

​During the COVID-19 restrictions the procedure for making PROX ID Cards was contactless and at this time we are continuing with that process. If you are a new hire, please provide a headshot photo (cell phone selfie with PLAIN background) to Susan Watts at and she will create a new PROX ID card for you. Please cc your supervisor/department on that e-mail.  

When the ID is ready Susan will contact you directly via your COD e-mail with instructions on how to obtain your PROX ID card and Staff/Faculty Parking Permit from PD Dispatch, SRC2100.

We will not be able to create the new IDs if you are not on the New Adjunct Faculty Hire list that we receive from H.R.  Additionally, we are only authorized to provide “common access” so any additional access will need to be authorized via e-mail from your supervisors.

To obtain an ID card and staff parking pass, please visit the College of DuPage Police Department located in HEC 1040. They are available Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the spring and fall semesters, and Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the summer semester. Contact the Police Department at 630-942-4280 if you have any questions about this process.

If a traditional key is needed to access your classroom, your subdivision administrative assistant will submit a request for you to obtain a key. When the key is ready, you will receive an email notification advising you to pick it up​ from the Police Department Dispatch window located in SRC 2100. Keys are typically ready for pick up 7-14 days from the initial date that the request is made.  


What should I do if I don't have my ID card or key to open my classroom door?

The Police Department is available to assist with unlocking your classroom door when needed. Please contact them directly at 630-942-2000.


How can I make copies for my class?

The Print Center is available to handle all your copy and printing needs. It is located in BIC 0500.

Copy requests are submitted using your Print Center Online profile. The 16-digit charge code assigned by your division is needed to setup this profile. Please allow 48 hours for all copy request to be completed if you plan to pick up your order. If you'd like the finished product delivered to your mailbox, please allow an additional 24 hours for the package to be sent through the interoffice mail system.

For additional information, please visit Print Services

How do I access my COD e-mail and how often should it be checked?

Your COD email can be accessed by visiting It is recommended that you check your email at least every other day to ensure a timely response to any messages you may have received from COD students, staff, and administrators. Your COD email should serve as the primary mode of electronic communication with COD students, staff and administrators, and you should respond to messages within two business days.


What if I have trouble accessing my COD e-mail, myACCESS, or Blackboard?

The IT Help Desk provides support to faculty and staff members experiencing trouble with a COD computer, network or telephone. They can be reached at 630-942-HELP (4357) or

Please visit Information Technologies Services for additional information including the Help Desk hours of operation.


Where can I find training on Blackboard?  

Visit Learning Technologies for help with Blackboard. Tutorials on performing various tasks are located here.

You may also contact Learning Technologies at (630) 942-2490 or . 


Where is the Library located and how do I obtain a library card?

The Library is located in the Student Resources Center, and can be accessed from either the 2nd or 3rd floor in rooms SRC 2020 or SRC 3100.Your COD ID card will serve as your library card. Prior to borrowing any materials, you will need to first visit the Circulation Services desk to activate your card. Please visit Borrowing from the Library for additional information on library cards. ​

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