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Pre-Observation Steps

Once the observation has been confirmed, you can complete the Pre-Observation form.

The Pre-Observation Form invites you to articulate your classroom objectives and methods of assessment and provides the observer with a sense of what your priorities and intentions are.  The form is expected to be shared with the observer no later than 24 hours prior to the observation.  


For face-to-face, hybrid, and courses with virtual class meetings (VCM), the observer will arrive to your class approximately 15 before the class starts. The observation lasts approximately 50 minutes of class time, regardless of the length of the class.

For online only courses, (NET) the observer will indicate the time frame where they will be logging into your Blackboard course shell.

The observer will complete a report assessing various teaching and learning strategies. 

The rubric is designed to be a formative assessment to generate a constructive conversation about teaching effectiveness.  


After the observation report has been released by the observer, a post-observation conference will be scheduled at your convenience.

The Office of Adjunct Faculty Support (OAFS) will host the conference. The Dean and department chair/coordinator is invited to the conference. The purpose of the conference is to have a constructive conversation about teaching effectiveness.  An intended outcome of the conference is for adjunct faculty to identify professional development goals with continued support from the division and OAFS.  

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