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Practicing Paradox

by Kate Szetela, Manager, Adjunct Faculty Support


Last month’s Art of the Brief Time Out was devoted to discipline.  What happens when we commit to a new habit or practice that takes discipline and we find ourselves struggling or not following through?  This is a perfect time to practice paradox.  For those that participated in a 4 Connections cohort, your familiar with the practice paradox concept of simultaneously providing structure and flexibility to our students.  

Just like when students take on a new course, when we take on a new habit or practice discipline, it is helpful to afford ourselves some grace when we don’t meet our expectations.  Sometimes it is adjusting our intentions or goals, or merely to start again fresh the next day without carrying guilt or judgement about what has passed. 


The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, than I can change.

                                                                                                -Carl Rogers 

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