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The Office of Adjunct Faculty Support has been busy putting together a schedule of classroom observations that will take place throughout the semester. If you received an email from us regarding an observation, it means that we will be visiting your course during a specified day/time/week, depending upon the type of course you are teaching.

For example, if you are teaching a VCM course, we will ask that you share a link to one of your weekly live meetings or we also may review a recording of a meeting if that is preferable.

If you are teaching either a NET or Hybrid course, one of our faculty managers will be visiting your course shell during a specific week of the semester.

A few specifics to keep in mind about the process:

  • If you are teaching multiple sections, IT is loading managers to one of your Blackboard shells only.

  • Our managers will not be going into any classes, whether it is a live classroom meeting or the course shell itself, until the identified and agreed upon date/week that will be sent in your observation invitation.


Our process is a collaborative one where, during our post-observation meeting, we will get together (virtually, of course) to go over your thoughts on the lesson you taught or the methods of student engagement employed within your course shell.


Our office provides support to all adjuncts in many ways, and the observation process is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect and share engaging, insightful ideas to best serve our students.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.


We look forward to working with each of you through the semester and beyond!

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